Here are a few design ‘tweaks’ we have made to make the vehicles safari ready:

  • Extended and wider

We extended and widened the body of the vehicles to allow more space to move around and to get the best photographic angles without ‘bumping’ in to each other. Although our vehicles are designed to carry 7 passengers we will only put six guests together in one vehicle if this is requested in order to save on cost. Normally we will only carry five guests per extended vehicles

  • Open roof

Our vehiles are mounted with pop-up roofs for better view and sun shade during the hot days. They are high enough to fit with every height.

  • Lager windows

We made all the windows in the vehicle as large as will possibly fit. And if we could, we would make the entire body out of glass…we are still working on that design, watch this space for more

  • First-aid box
  • Every safari vehicle has a first aid box and the guide is trained to use this